Setup C++ Boost Library

Boost contains over 80 libraries for C++ programming language that supports for task and structures such as Linear Algebra, Image Processing, Pseudo random number generation, multithreading, regular expression and unit testing. [Read More]

Setting Paths in Vs Code

In order to improve the configuration of files such as c_cpp_properties.json, launch.json, and tasks.json, you should use the predefined variables. [Read More]
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Configure binding.gyp file in C++ Addon - Node.js

In order to use the C++ into the Node.js, you have the three options: Automation - call your C++ as a standalone app in a child process. Shared library - pack your C++ routines in a shared library (*.dll) and call those routines from Node.js directly through node-ffi. Node.js Addon... [Read More]
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