Coupling and cohesion in OOP

In this article, we will discuss about coupling and cohesion in OOP, mainly because understanding about them is really useful to improve coding skill and some skills about designing architecture. [Read More]
Tags: OOP

Quick Union

In this tutorial, we will discuss about Quick - Union to understand all of it. Then, we can know about which problem will be applied Quick-Union. [Read More]
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Quick Find

In this tutorial, we will find out about quick find - one of implementations in Union-Find. And understanding Quick Find has advantages and disadvantages that will make us confidence to implement. [Read More]
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How to center things in CSS

Sometimes, in CSS, we want to center everthing rapidly. But to do this, we have to think about it slowly, simply because, we must choose some properties such as postion, top, left, right, bottom, vertical align, text align, … [Read More]
Tags: Front-End CSS