Copy object in Javascript

Everything in Javascript is object. So, the need to copy the object is enomorous. But the copy is really hard work, and it has so many problems in the copy. There are two types in copying object, it includes shadow copy and deep copy. [Read More]
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Debugging with C++ in Visual Studio Code

When you have competitive programming on LeetCode, Hackerrank, … the first thing you want is the IDE has some interesting features such as light-weight, the fast configuration, … But before, I find it difficult to have the marvelous IDE. [Read More]
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Why the total number of bitcoin is limited?

When I have just began to find out something in blockchain, especially bitcoin, I read the way that bitcoin works. Looking at the information ‘There are approximately only 21 millions bitcoin that is mined in the world.”, I’m always curious about why they can calculate this number. [Read More]
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