Use BEM with CSS

To the software development, naming convention is very important for maintaining code easily, reducing time to read code, … So, when we work on web development, naming convention in css is needed to know. [Read More]
Tags: Front-End CSS

The architecture of Angular

Before, we has only one version that is AngularJs, or Angular 1.x. The architecture of AngularJS is very different with the version of Angular at the moment. Because AngularJS is utilizing MVC architecture pattern, then, Angular 2.x or above uses MVVM pattern, Dependency Injection, … [Read More]

Knowledge about SASS

To write CSS professionally, we have to learn one of the CSS preprocessor like SASS, SCSS, LESS, … Because when using one of them, we do not repeat code, easily maintain CSS code, … [Read More]
Tags: Front-End SASS

Logout in Spring Boot

In web development, we usually cope with some problems about logging out a website. After logging out, we have to set the invalidation state of session, and delete our cookies … [Read More]
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