How to use Dates and Times in Java 8

The old version of date time have many drawbacks, Java 8 provides java.time package to solve them clearly. So, in this article, we will learn how to use Dates and Times in Java 8, especially the way to communication between database and application. [Read More]
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Reentrant lock in Java

In this article, we will understand how to use reentrant lock in Java. Let’s get started. [comment]: <> ( synchronized keyword ReentrantLock ) [comment]: <> ( ——————————————————— ———————————————————————– ) [comment]: <> ( Internally it’s implemented by using two-byte code instructions MonitorEnter and MonitorExit, this is generated by the compiler. The... [Read More]

Producers and Disposers in Java EE

Until now we’ve seen how CDI can inject bean into other beans that are valuable in the bean archive. The problem is that when we integrate third-party frameworks, their classes are not packaged in bean archives and, therefore, are not discovered by CDI, and can’t be injected. [Read More]
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