Table of Contents

List all configuration

# In global
git config --global --list

# In local
git config --local --list

Remove a configuration in Git

# Using --unset option
git config --unset <configuration-name>

For example:

git config --global --unset https.proxy
git config --global --unset http.proxy

git config --unset https.proxy
git config --unset https.proxy

Show URL of the remote repository

Problem: We want to check URL of our remote repository.

# first way
git config --get remote.origin.url

# 2nd way
git remote show origin

Fill configuration to Git

  1. Configure user’s information at the first time

     git config --global "our-name"
     git config --global "our-email"
  2. Reconfigure URL of git in local repository

    Assuming that we have a case that we changed the Git’s URL. So, in local repository, how do we also change this url that do not have to pull it again?

    To solve this problem, we will type the following command:

     git remote set-url origin <link_git_project>

Configure certification to pass proxy

git config --global http.proxy <host-proxy>:<port-proxy>

git config --global http.sslCAInfo <path-certification>

Wrapping up