In oder to improve performance when coding in Intellij IDEA, we need to know more about shortcut keys. So, in this article, we will learn something about it.

Let’s get started.

Table of contents

Operations with line

Command Action
Alt + Enter Complete instruction of our code such as import class
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Insert any necessary trailing symbol and put ‘\n’ symbol to typing the next statement.
Ctrl + Alt + L Format code
Ctrl + Space Completes names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope.
Ctrl + / Comment code
Ctrl + Shift + / Remove comment code
Ctrl + Shift + F7 Highlight all occurrences of the select fragment in the current file
Ctrl + Y Remove one or more lines
Alt + Shift + Up/Down Move lines up or down
Ctrl + D Duplicate lines in current file
Alt + Insert Insert basic code such as Constructor, getter/setter, override method, hash/toString() …
Alt + F7 To find all places where a particular class, method or variable is used in the whole project by positioning the caret at the symbol’s name or at its usage in code.
Ctrl + O Override method
Ctrl + I Implements method
Ctrl + Alt + T Surround with… (if..else, try..catch, for, synchronized, etc.)
Ctrl + Alt + O Optimize imports
Ctrl + Alt + I Auto-indent line(s)
Ctrl + Delete Delete to word end
Ctrl + Backspace Delete to word start
Ctrl + G Go to line
Ctrl + B/Ctrl + Click Go to declaration
Ctrl + Alt + B Go to implementation(s)
Ctrl + Shift + I Open quick definition lookup
Ctrl + Shift + B Go to type declaration
Ctrl + U Go to super-method/super-class
Alt + Arrow Up/Arrow Down Go to previous/next method
Ctrl + ]/[ Move to code block end / move to code start
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Insert Create new scratch file
Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow / Right Arrow Go back to the previous location; Go forward

Search and Replace

Command Action
Ctrl + Shift + A find action that is a command and execute it
Ctrl + N find classes in our project
Ctrl + Shift + N find files
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N find symbols that are methods in classes
Ctrl + R open replace functionality
Alt + Shift + Mouse Click add/remove a selection
Alt + J Select the next occurrence
Shift + Alt + J Unselect the next occurrence
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + J Select all occurrences
Esc Remove all selections
Shift + Shift Search everywhere
Alt + F7 Search all places where something is used
Ctrl + B Go to the declaration of a symbol
Ctrl + Alt + B Go to the implementation of a symbol

Operations with tabs

Command Action
Alt + Left/Right arrow switches between tabs
Ctrl + F4 closes active tab
Ctrl + E Recent files popup
Ctrl + Tab Switch between tabs and tool window

Compile and Run

Command Action
Ctrl + F9 Make project (compile modifed and dependent)
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Compile selected file, package or module
Alt + Shift + F10 Select configuration and run
Alt + Shift + F9 Select configuration and debug
Shift + F10 Run
Shift + F9 Debug
Ctrl + Shift + F10 Run context configuration from editor


Command Action
F8 Step over
F7 Step into
Shift + F7 Smart step into
Shift + F8 Step out
Alt + F9 Run to cursor
Alt + F8 Evaluate expression
F9 Resume program
Ctrl + F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F8 View breakpoints

Some useful statements

Short keys Statement Description
Ctrl + J   Shows all shortcuts
sout System.out.println() Prints
soutm System.out.println(“$CLASS_NAME$.$METHOD_NAME$”); Prints current class and method names to System.out
soutp System.out.println($FORMAT$); Prints method parameter names and values to System.out
soutv System.out.println(“$EXPR_COPY$ = “ + $EXPR$); Prints a value to System.out
variable.sout System.out.println(variable); variable exists in our scope
Shift + Ctrl + Enter   Add semicolon to the end of the code; add curly braces to for, if statements, then place cursor inside the block

Creating something

Command Action
Alt + F + J Close project
Alt + 1 Go to Project View
Alt + Insert Create file in the Project View
Ctrl + Alt + Insert Create a new file in the same directory as the current one

Wrapping up

  • Take advantages of the shortcut key in Intellij makes us coding smoothly.

Thanks for your reading.