In this article, we will discuss about how to configure Resin server into our IDE Eclipse, and how to overcome some common errors when running project.

Table of contents

Configure Resin in e Builder

  • Download Resin

    We can go to the download website of resin

    Download the lastest version of Resin.

    And we will unzip this Resin file into our folder.

    Resin folder

  • Add Resin server into eclipse.

    • Open Window\Preferences, we have Preference dialog. Then, select Server tab, choose option Runtime Environments:

      Preferences dialog

    • In Preference dialog, select Add button. Open New Server Runtime Environment.

      New Server Runtime Environment dialog

      If you see anything that do not look like the above image, you still select the option in Resin folder. And click Next button.

      Then, we have to choose JRE version and click Download and Install button to install Resin driver for our eclipse.

      We can wait for approximately 5 minutes to finish this task. After done, it will restart our eclipse.

      Finally, when eclipse appear again, the New Server Runtime Development looks like the above image.

      Then, click Next button.

      Set Resin Home path

      In this dialog, we should fill the home path of Resin into the textbox - Resin Home.

      Click Finish button or Next button.

    • A result will be looked like:

      Resin 4.0

Create new Server for our project

In order to run our project, first of all, we need to add new server such as Resin, Tomcat, Glassfish.

  • Right click on our project in Project Explorer. Select New item, then, choose Other item.

    Open menu for New server

  • Go to the New dialog. Select Server folder, choose Server. Click Next button.

    Select Server option

  • Go to the New Server dialog. Choose Resin and Resin 4.0.

    Select Server option

  • Click Next button.

    Configure for server

    In this dialog, we can repair some information about server such as Port, username, password, …

  • Click Next button.

    Add project under Server

  • Click Finish button.

Deploy WAR file with Resin

In eclipse or e Builder IDE, we have to make an WAR file that is created by IM Juggling.

In case of Windows:

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Type commands

      cd <%RESIN_HOME%>
      resin deploy WAR_FILE_PATH

In case of Linux:

# <%RESIN_HOME%>/bin/resinctl deploy any directory path/war file name

Errors with Resin when running project

  • javac compiler is not available in Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_181-b13. Check that you are using the JDK, not the JRE.

    • Reason: Because in our project, we are choosing default Installed JREs is JRE 1.81. So, Eclipse or E-builder do not find javac compiler.
    • Solution: Change the path of Installed JREs to JDK 1.81.

      • Step 1: Open Windows –> Preferences. Then select Add button.

        Fix error javac compiler

      • Step 2: Select Add button, we have:

        Fix error javac compiler

      • Step 3: Select Next button, we have:

        Fix error javac compiler

        In this dialog, we type the path for JRE home is the path of JDK. Because in JDK folder, we have JRE.

        Click Finish button.

      • Step 4: Check to option that has JDK.

        Click Apply button –> OK button.

  • Note: In order to use e Builder property, we need to configure JDK and JRE that is allowed with this link


Setting for JDK and JRE for e Builder